Hot Chocolate Brunette

Hair color inspiration can come from a variety of places and recently at Salon Antoine we’ve seen several color trends pop up that take their hues from popular beverages. Keep reading for all the details on hot chocolate brunette – a great option for the fall and winter months! Inspiration Brown has made a major […]

Bangs Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to bangs, there are so many options! In fact, there are more than 10 styles that you can consider to change up your hair. Once you’d like to try one of the choices that we’ll be chatting about below, visit us at Salon Antoine. Blunt Bangs One option that you might go […]

Side Part vs Middle Part: Finding the Style for You

The age old question — a side part vs a middle part. This conversation has grown in popularity as of late, with middle parts making a comeback, thanks in part to Gen-Z’s particular love of the style. Following the trend can feel like the ideal option, but both hairstyles will work for you in different […]

Hair Colors: How To Match Your Shade to Your Skin

New color trends are arriving on a daily basis, and it can be overwhelming to decide which to choose. However, did you know that your skin tone can be a determining factor of which colors best suit you? Read this overview by Salon Antoine to see just how your complexion works with certain hues. Then, […]

A Show-Stopping Choice: Golden Blonde Highlights

If you are looking for a color that meshes well with all other shades and gives you that sun-kissed look, why not go with golden blonde? More specifically, highlights of this hue are sure to have all eyes on you. Keep reading to see why it’s so popular, then give us a call at Salon […]

Mermaid Mane: The Low-Maintenance Summer Look

Before you know it, summer will be here. This means it’s time to think about how you want to revamp your style to keep up with the current trends. One expected hairdo that will be fun and fresh is the mermaid mane. Not to be confused with the aquatic teal trend that was all the […]

Take On Spring in Style Colors for the Season

With the snow melting and the spring season on the horizon, there’s no better time to switch up your appearance. Color trends are always changing, and that’s why our team would love to go over the hottest shades for the season! After you read, schedule your visit to Salon Antoine to switch up your look. […]

Hair Porosity Determining Your Type

Hair porosity can make the difference between your locks looking greasy or clean. Even with it being so vital to your hair’s condition, many people do not know their porosity. If you’re in this group, don’t fret — our team at Salon Antoine has you covered with this overview! What is Hair Porosity? Although the […]

Break Free With a Bold and Short Do

One way to add change in your day-to-day life is to redo your appearance. As we come out of winter and into the warmer months of the year, it only makes sense to treat yourself to a personal reinvention through your hair. We at Salon Antoine believe that everyone deserves to be the most authentic […]

Top Hairstyles for Summer Bridesmaids

Wedding season is on the horizon, and you or someone you know may be feeling the pressure of finding a new do. From beautiful beach waves to sophisticated chignons, let’s go over some ways you can style your tresses! When you’ve found the perfect look to rock, reach out to our team at Salon Antoine […]

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