When it comes to bangs, there are so many options! In fact, there are more than 10 styles that you can consider to change up your hair. Once you’d like to try one of the choices that we’ll be chatting about below, visit us at Salon Antoine.

Blunt Bangs

One option that you might go with is blunt bangs. As their name suggests, these are a sharp cut and fall straight across your face in one length. They typically cover your brows and pair nicely with a short bob or a longer option. These can be the finishing touch to help accentuate your overall look! If you are looking to switch your locks up just a bit, blunt bangs could be just the thing, as they instantly accent your hair, eyes, and cheek bones. And you can style them however you please–including adding some volume to them with a brush or straightening them with the rest of your locks to achieve the sleek look.

model outside wearing hat with hairstyle featuring long bangs

Textured Bangs

Unlike the option above, textured bangs have some layering in them to ultimately provide more dimension to your hair. These could be just what you may need if you are looking to have more richness overall. You can also move them around with your hands to where you want them to fall on your forehead to create that illusion of volume. With this choice, some of the strands of the bangs are cut longer and others shorter to create the textured look in the end. This option, just as the previous, works with a variety of haircuts and could be something new to try if you’ve had the same style for a while.

model sitting against pink stucco wall with long straight sandy blonde hair with curtain bangs

Curtain Bangs

If you happen to be a fan of the middle part, you will love curtain bangs. This option is also different lengths as the one right before. The middle where they separate is shorter and gets longer the further they go. They are meant to frame your face and add to your look. With these, you will instantly draw attention to your eyes, while they still appear soft. You can even accent them more by adding a lighter hair color to them than the rest of your hair. As we know, face-framing highlights are here to stay, so the brighter hue will do just that in this case. Plus, you can make them stand out even more if you decide to throw your hair up in a ponytail or partially pin it back for the day.

Stop by Salon Antoine as soon as you’d like to try one of these styles of bangs! Our stylists are eager to meet with you and talk about which option might be best for you. We can’t wait to see you in the near future!