If you are looking for a color that meshes well with all other shades and gives you that sun-kissed look, why not go with golden blonde? More specifically, highlights of this hue are sure to have all eyes on you. Keep reading to see why it’s so popular, then give us a call at Salon Antoine if you would like to try it for yourself!

Reasons to Love Golden Blonde

When it comes to golden blonde, this color is a hit with hairdressers and their clients because it is such a versatile shade. It can be used as a contrast hue or one to make your hair look more natural. Not only does it blend nicely with other blonde tones, but it works with brown and red too. Even just a few streaks of this color can make all the difference on your locks. It can also be the perfect refresher whether you are looking for a little bit of a change or a drastic one. If you currently have just one solid color, adding some highlights, especially at the very front, are sure to make all the difference. Of course, if you want these streaks all over your head, let our stylists know when you’re here.

smiling model with long wavy golden blonde hair

When Styling Your Locks

You have so many options when you decide to style your golden blonde highlights. While these are already less damaging than coloring your entire hair, you can keep it even healthier by using tools that don’t come with heat to create curls or waves. We know that you’ll want to straighten your locks with a flat iron here and there or grab for that curling iron, but perhaps utilize a heat protector in these cases. We would also say to purchase a color-treated shampoo to keep the golden blonde highlights shining and let your strands air dry as often as you can after washing. You might also invest in a hair mask, which will provide the moisture it needs and help to prevent damage to the ends.

model facing the sea on a cloudy day, with long curly golden blonde hair being blown in the wind

Keeping Up With Highlights

Typically, it’s suggested to have your highlights touched up every six to eight weeks. However, if you like the “grown out” look at that time, you can visit our salon later. When you do decide to stop by, we can chat about adding more of the golden blonde shade if you’ve fallen completely in love with it or perhaps a different color. Sometimes, going just a hue or two lighter than your natural hair means that won’t be too much of a difference once it has grown out. And while this blonde color is gorgeous when the light or sun hits it, you may want to avoid these for long periods of time, as UV rays can cause discoloration and make your locks more brittle.

Is it time for some golden blonde highlights? Well, swing by Salon Antoine when you have a free day. We are excited to create the look that you are craving!