While it may seem counterintuitive, cutting your hair is actually one of the best ways to get it looking fuller and healthier. Leaving split ends to take over your tresses is a recipe for disaster, so make an appointment at Salon Antoine to freshen up your look!

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

To keep your hair stunning crowds, it’s important to give it life with a cut. Those with textured hair should come to the salon around every two to three months for a trimming. Doing so will help prevent unwanted breakage from dulling your appearance. Do you prefer keeping your locks in a stylish pixie cut? If so, we recommend that you get the ends done in shorter intervals — usually three to four weeks after your last visit. For longer, non-textured hair, the estimation varies based on how quickly your tresses grow. Though, for an approximate number, every two to three months can be a reliable schedule to follow.

long blonde hair against white tabletop with styling shears laid down and positioned as though they are about to cut the ends

Does Cutting Your Hair Often Stimulate Growth?

The age-old question often discussed with those looking to rock the summer with long hair — will cutting it make the locks grow faster? Well, we’re here to put this rumor to rest. No, trimming your tresses is not a way to stimulate growth. Though, this doesn’t mean you should put the phone down and cancel your appointment. Chopping off dead ends is still a vital way to have healthier hair. While it may not help you grow hair faster, it does give a thicker look to their appearance. When split ends take over, you’ll end up with locks that look shorter than they really are. Since your tresses grow from the root, trimming the ends won’t affect how quickly it lengthens. It will, however, allow for a fuller appearance due to a lack of dead ends.

Our Treatments

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If you’re not looking to cut your hair just yet but wish to have a more vibrant look, allow us to go over some of the regimens we offer. The first you can get done at our location is a smoothing treatment. If you’re dealing with hard-to-manage dullness and out-of-control frizz, this can be an ideal way to add some softness and volume to your tresses. These services provide needed nourishment to your follicles, so you’ll see better shine. Be sure to check out our deep conditioning treatment as well, if your locks are in desperate need of revitalization. Regular conditioning will add to your hair’s health, but, with a deep conditioning treatment, you’ll really get into the thick of it by providing a more intense nourishment routine. These services aren’t required every visit either! You can get one done every month to see some shine and vibrancy in your hair. Our stylists are ready to assist you with your next hair glow-up.

If you’re ready for a refreshing way to beat the heat, come to Salon Antoine for a summer lob! We want to see you leave feeling excited about your look and knowledgeable about how to style it on your own. For the customer-focused salon experience you deserve, head on over to 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA.