Hair porosity can make the difference between your locks looking greasy or clean. Even with it being so vital to your hair’s condition, many people do not know their porosity. If you’re in this group, don’t fret — our team at Salon Antoine has you covered with this overview!

What is Hair Porosity?

Although the exact length can vary based on the natural texture and thickness of your hair, a lob generally hits right at or just below the shoulders. If you have tight curls or medium to thick waves, this is a great length to ensure there is enough weight for the hair to fall evenly. For those with fine hair, a layered lob provides body and volume without having to tease or add large amounts of product. When heat and humidity strikes you’ll feel cool even when your hair is down – it’s like an instant breath of fresh air! This length still provides plenty of options, including a half knot or bun when you want to keep your hair off your neck completely. We do recommend stopping by every two or three months to keep your cut looking at its best, but a quick trim is all you’ll need.

model with long straight hair with blonde highlights

Determining Your Porosity

Now that you’ve gained an understanding of hair porosity, let’s go over how you can determine where you fall on the spectrum. If porosity is low, then you may notice that your hair is not taking in products easily. Along with this, it might take longer for water to saturate your locks and for air drying to be completed. Moving up on the line, medium porosity can be determined when your tresses are easy to work with. This can mean that it takes color well, looks healthy and shiny, and if it doesn’t take a lot of hassle for your hair to dry or hold styles. Finally, high porosity locks come with a slew of difficulties. Do you notice that your hair is constantly breaking off? If this rings true, and frizzy and dry are included in your day-to-day vocabulary — then you may have high porosity. Our team will be happy to help with questions when you schedule an appointment!

detail image of two strands of hair, one rough the other wrapped in solution and smooth

Changing Your Porosity

If you’re feeling disappointed with your porosity, then we’re happy to help with some ways you can change it. While part of this is determined by genetics, you can always improve the health of your locks through various means. In regards to low porosity hair, you’ll be better off using protein-free conditioners, along with ingredients such as glycerin and honey. For best results, apply the conditioner when your hair is wet. On the other hand, high porosity hair requires butters and oils in your products. Where low porosity requires heat when you condition, high porosity yields opposite results. With the latter, you should avoid hot showers and settle for lukewarm.

The products you use play a vital role in the health of your hair, and we employ only the highest quality options at our salon. Don’t hesitate to reach out so our skilled stylists can find the right solution for your porosity. When you’re ready for a change, visit our location at 11092 Lee Highway in Fairfax, VA.