With Summer months just a hair away, you’ll need to plan out your color for the changing season. The word around the block is that the color bronde is gaining popularity amongst those getting new dos. What does this shade look like? Keep reading for all the details, then plan your appointment with Salon Antoine to give your tresses a refresher!

What is Bronde?

If you’ve never heard of the color bronde, the name can look a bit out of the ordinary. It’s just that idea that makes the shade such a popular one. Brunettes and blondes alike are looking to stir up their look, and what better way to do that than to add some dimension? This multifaceted shade will complement skin tones from dark to light, as it adds a lush shine to every countenance. For the perfect bronde look, a balayage is typically used, especially since it adds a nice layer of volume. You can always choose from face-framing pieces as well, if you’re looking for a simple yet eye-catching way to garner some attention.

model with long wavy bronde, or brown blonde, hair

Bronde Upkeep

As with any new hair color or style, you may be wondering what the upkeep will be like for this shade. Well, since it’s a more subtle color that doesn’t utilize any fast fading bases, it will last in your hair for a good period of time. Likely all you’ll need is a root refresher every six weeks to keep the bronde color looking its best. This is the same level of maintenance required for highlights and other basic upkeep, so you can leave the salon knowing your color is in it for the long haul! Since the shade isn’t very deep, you won’t have to worry about any hardcore damage harming your locks. As you can see, bronde is truly the best of both worlds!

model with long wavy bronde, or brown blonde, hair

Finding Your Shade

Contrary to popular belief, the color bronde isn’t a one size fits all. To get the ideal hue that frames your face perfectly, you’ll work with the colors you already have. Typically, the best way to achieve this is to only venture two to three shades near your natural. This way, you’ll have the bronde look that pairs flawlessly with your features, rather than working against them. Though, if you’re worried that your hair is too dark or too light to achieve your ideal shade of bronde, we can work with you to find the shade that compliments you best. At Salon Antoine, we’ll make sure you leave feeling confident with your appearance.