nail careAside from the face, no part of the body is more vulnerable to the effects of time and the elements than the hands and feet. To restore youth and beauty to the hands, the expert professionals at Salon Antoine offer a wide array of comprehensive manicure, pedicure, and other nail services.

Our Northern VA salon and spa knows that our clients work hard to present the most professional appearance possible, both in and out of the work place.

Maintaining well-kept nails is not only beneficial to achieving one’s desired image, but also shows others that the person takes their appearance seriously. The expert technicians at Salon Antoine have the experience, top-of-the-line products, and artistic techniques to help all clients maintain healthy, polished nails.

Regardless of whether one is looking to fully relax with a complete spa experience or just get a quick pedicure during lunch, our Northern VA salon can help every client reach their beauty goals.

Manicure, Pedicure, & Artificial Nail Care Prices

  • Regular Manicure: $20
  • Hot Oil Manicure: $25
  • Chocolate Manicure: $30
  • Peppermint Manicure: $30
  • Buff and Polish: $15
  • Full Set Nails (acrylic/silk): $65
  • Full Set Nails Pink & White: $70
  • Buff and Polish: $15.00
  • Fills: $35.00
  • Fills Pink & White: $50
  • Hand Paraffin Treatment: $10
  • Foot Paraffin Treatment: $10
  • Regular Shellac: $40
  • French Shellac: $50
  • Nail Repair: $6.00
  • Regular Pedicure: $45
  • French Pedicure: $50
  • Chocolate Pedicure: $65
  • Peppermint Pedicure: $60
  • Spa Pedicure: $55
  • Polish Change Feet: $20