If you want your hair to feel refreshed, silky, hydrated, and healthy, then add Moroccanoil® to your regime. This brand of hair products will instantly change your unmanageable or damaged hair into the healthy flowing locks you want. Moroccanoil® has a variety of hair products, but they’re best known for their hair treatments.

The Original Moroccanoil® Treatment

This is the original hair treatment product by Moroccanoil®. Rich in vitamin E, strengthening proteins and antioxidants, this hair miracle is made from argan oil extracted from the kernels of argan trees. So not only does this treatment smell amazing, it is able to help return your hair to health, giving you a silky texture and a healthy shine.

Moroccanoil® can be used on wet hair or dry hair to help detangle, improve manageability, and shorten dry time. It is also recommended to use the Original Moroccanoil® treatment before coloring hair to help make coloring more even.

Moroccanoil® Treatment Light

This Moroccanoil® Treatment product is the same as the Original Moroccanoil® treatment, but is specifically formulated for light colored hair and fine textured hair. This version comes with the same antioxidant-rich argan oil, strengthening proteins, and shine-boosting vitamins. The light version still hydrates dry hair and helps make hair more manageable, which means it is perfect for white or gray hair to help retain moisture.


The Moroccanoil® lines come with a variety of hair masks to help with different individual hair problems. These are simple five-minute revitalizing treatments that help replenish and restore hair and can be used in conjunction with the Original Moroccanoil® hair treatments.

The intense Hydrating Mask and Weightless Hydrating Mask are perfect for hair in desperate need of extra moisture and conditioning. The Hydrating Mask is perfect if you have thick or medium hair and the weightless version is great if you have fine dry hair. Just use this product a few times a week in-place of your conditioner and you will be on your way to hydrated, manageable hair.

The Moroccanoil® Smoothing Mask is highly concentrated argan butter specially formulated for unruly, frizzy hair. This product, when used once a week or as needed will give you softer, smoother, more manageable hair while hydrating and nourishing every strand.

The Restorative Hair Mask is a great revitalizing treatment for hair in need of immediate repair of damage created by chemical treatments or heat styling. To dramatically improve your hair’s health, use once a week until hair is better, then less often. Be sure to seal in the restorative proteins in the internal structure of your hair by following your treatment with conditioner.

These hair treatments will drastically change your hair for the better once you put them into your regular hair regime. Stop in to Salon Antoine today to pick up your supply of Moroccanoil® products and start tomorrow off with smoother, more manageable hair.