hair color correctionJust because the hair color wanted wasn’t what was delivered, doesn’t mean that it is what a client has to be stuck with.

The expert hair color correction team at Salon Antoine & Spa are here to save the day!

Whether one is suffering highlights that are more brassy than they are beautiful or the coloring turned dark and dull, our skilled Northern VA stylists can correct nearly any type of hair color.

Corrective Coloring Experts

By working with an experienced hair color correction expert at Salon Antoine, one’s hair can be professionally examined to determine the steps required to get hair to the desired color or its natural state.

Our Northern VA hair salon takes customer satisfaction very seriously; we’re so confident that clients will love our corrective color treatments, that Salon Antoine even offers a FREE consultation!

Four Basic Reasons You Might Need Hair Color Correction

  • Hair Color Too Light
  • Hair Color Too Dark
  • Hair Color Too Ashy
  • Hair Color Too Brassy

Home Hair Color Treatment Gone Bad

After a bad hair coloring experience, one’s first thought may be to try and correct it with home remedies or out-of-the-box solutions. Most often, doing so makes the situation worse and could result in one’s hair being permanently damages from the harsh over-the-counter products.

Instead, work with a skilled Northern VA hair stylist at our #1 trusted salon to determine and achieve the desired coloring.

Experienced beauty professionals take many variables into consideration when attempting hair color correction, such as how porous one’s hair is and how many treatments it will take to fix the bad dye job. Commonly, Salon Antoine assists clients that have purchased over-the-counter color kits and wound up with uneven color and an unintended outcome. Although getting one’s original hair color back is an extremely challenging process, only a really good hair colorist can get even close.