There’s nothing like a long, indulgent session of pampering to make you feel gorgeous. (And we do that quite well here at Salon Antoine, if we do say so ourselves.)

But when you’re pressed for time, your looks don’t have to suffer. When you need a little beauty TLC in a hurry, try these quick tricks.


  • No time for a wash? Used one too many products? Don’t worry. Just sprinkle some dry shampoo or translucent powder on your scalp and brush it through. The powder will soak up the oil and excess product, and you’ll be spared an extra wash and blowdry.

  • When you don’t have time to dry your hair all the way, focus on the sections along your part and at your hairline. Because these surround your face, if they look good, people will hardly notice the rest of your ‘do.

  • If you’re low on time and your hair is long enough, pull it back in a ponytail. Far from boring, this simple hairstyle has plenty of variations: high or low, messy or sleek, teased or flat. And it works on all hair types. To fancy yours up, loop a small section of hair around the elastic band and pin in place.


  • Did you know the shade of lipstick you choose can affect how your complexion comes across? To distract people from blemishes without spending hours with a concealer stick, go with a warm pink shade.

  • When you need great eyes ASAP, your tool of choice should be eyeliner. A line along your upper lashes is all you need. For a little extra something, extend the line just past your eye’s outside corner. To get a more natural look, smudge the line a little.

  • For a quick facial pick-me-up, dab your concealer in three key places: under your lower lids, at the inner corners of your eyes, and alongside your nose. These strategic areas give you the biggest bang for your concealer buck.


  • For double-duty hydration, use conditioner on your skin as well as your hair. Just apply it in the shower and rinse it off. No need to spend time moisturizing post-shower.

  • Need smooth legs but don’t have time to lather up in the tub? Use baby oil instead. Apply it to your legs before you shave and the process will be quicker and less painful.

  • If you often wake up with puffy eyes, prepare to take care of them in advance. Keep your favorite astringent or eye product and some cotton pads in the fridge. That way, you’ll always have a cooling compress ready when you need it.

Of course, healthy habits paired with regular hair and skin maintenance go a long way toward keeping you looking your best. So when you have a few free hours, be sure to let the professionals at Salon Antoine pamper you!


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