Razor Cutting

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Razor Cutting is a hair cutting process that involves a sharp, “knife like” razors that are used to excise, slice and texturize hair. We believe that one of the best ways to achieve an edgy great cut is to use the razor cutting technique. It is best used on normal to medium textured hair. Razor cutting gives hair a lot of movement and bounce. For longer hair, it will give it a shaggy effect. For shorter hair, razor cutting will give your hair a fun and funky look. If you have medium-length hair, razor cutting will give you a sexy and powerful look.

Razor cutting does shatter the ends of your hair because the stylist gathers the individual’s hair, and razors the hairs at an angle. If you have hair that is highlighted, low lighted or colored; razor cutting will make the color pop and give your hair even more dimension. The razor can also be used on men’s hair as it can give an updated and “GQ style” look.

Note of caution: we would not recommend using the razor on thin wavy or course hair it will just intensify the wave and frizz.


Angela DelSordi

Hair Stylist | Salon Antoine

Fairfax, VA